Dec 19, 2017

Oslo Myeloma Center

Oslo Myeloma Center (OMC) is a clinical research center focusing on myeloma research. The group consists of 5 doctors, 10 study nurses, 1 study coordinator and 3 secretaries, and includes around 80 patients in myeloma studies a year, in phase 1, phase 2 and phase 3 studies.

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In the following studies the center currently is or was the largest center in the study: Keynote 183 and 185 (MSD), NMSG20/13, HOVON126, BO39813 (Roche), and in the following OMC was a top 5 recruiter: Optimismm (Celgene), Icaria (Sanofi), TourmalineMM3 (Millennium), Magnolia (NMSG). OMC is the largest Nordic center in all studies it participates in. As of today we have patients in 13 trials, with 10 new trials opening within Q2 2018.

Please contact Fredrik Schjesvold if you have any questions related to OMC: